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Gesher Theatre tour "Don't Look Back"


Event language: Russian Subtitles: Latvian

In loving memory of Faustas Latenas. Based on the play "Eurydice" by Jean Anouilh Freestyle, sensual, ironic adaptation of the ancient Greek myth.

Orpheus descends into the underworld to rescue his beloved Eurydice, but at the last moment he looks back and loses her forever. In the modern version, Orpheus is a street musician collecting alms with his hapless father at the train station. Eurydice is an actress waiting for a train on her way to another performance. Love bursts out between them, inevitable as death and pitiless as life. Can't there be love without suffering? Is suffering necessary for creativity? And is it worth looking back? For the first time in last 25 years, the play will be staged in Russian, with the participation of actors, veterans of Gesher, and famous "newcomers" of the war wave, who repatriated to Israel after February 24.

Created by: Rimas Tuminas, Roy Chen, Gleb Filshtinsky, Yudith Aharon, Katya Sassonsky, Maxim Rosenberg, Michael Vaisburs, Evgenia Naumova, Darya Shamina.

The tour is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, the Embassy of Israel in Latvia, the State Cultural Capital Foundation and the Foundation "Uniting". The project partner is Primekss company.

Music by: Faustas Latenas. Actors: Anatoly Belyy, Lena Freifeld, Nikita Naidenov, Israel (Sasha) Demidov, Lilian Shely Ruth, Nikita Goldman-Koch, Michael Umanetz, Neta Roth, Nir Knaan.